Glass Repairs or Broken Glass?

Think what a difference our stairs will make to your home. Improving the look and value of your property.


We supply a wide range of glass stairs which are custom fitted to new and existing concrete or timber stairs providing a modern and contemporary finish. We believe that glass balustrades are a must in today's modern home. They can be incorporated into many balustrade frame designs using the finest timbers or steel. We have ranges to suit both domestic and commercial installations. You can choose to have only some glass parts in the stairway rather than a full staircase made of glass.

Stand-Off Posts – With this system a glass panel is attached to the side of a stairs or wall using small stainless-steel posts. The posts are attached to the wall and the glass is attached to the posts. The posts are produced in stainless steel. A handrail can be added to the side or top of the glass as needed.

Fully Framed – As the name suggests this style consists of vertical posts with a hand rail mounted on top of the posts. Glass is suspended between the posts either using timber glazing slips or D-shaped clamps.

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